It is not what you say, but how you say…


Yeah you know that one of the best practices of communicating something that interests people is telling a story in a different way? There are many legends fates of communicating. But what if you do it facet of video, without haste to invest more means that your invention, directed towards the particularity and the tears of those who follow you? Never mind that there is great information you want delivered to a particular niche market. The important thing is that compose a simple abstraction “viral ingredients”.

“It’s not what you say but how you say it, we were told in film. In three minutes this remarkable video tells an interesting story with a character …” Animal Lover “… pretty special.” Marcelo F.

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“Not more humility in this world than to exercise with dignity the office of writer. This is a creative work that is also a subordinate work is needed. From the moment you start typing know that story, once completed, and However, once shot, will no longer be yours. You will receive a screen credit, some almost always mixed with solicitous staff, including the director himself but the text you wrote already be diluted in a set of sounds and images drawn for others, the team members. The great cannibal is always the manager who appropriates history, identify with it and he puts all his talent and his office and their eggs so that it eventually becomes the movie that we will see. It is he who imposes definitive view, and in that sense is much more authoritarian than the writers and storytellers. I think anyone who reads a novel who is freer than watching a movie. The reader of novels imagine the things like wants -rostros, environments, landscapes …- while the viewer of cinema, the viewer has no choice but to accept the image that shows the screen in a type of tax as communication leaves no room for options personal. Do you know why I do not allow Hundred Years of Solitude is carried to the movies? Because I want to respect the ingenuity of the reader, the sovereign right to imagine the face of Aunt Ursula or the Colonel as he pleases. ”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

como lo cuentas

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